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All We Want For Christmas is Snakes

Christmas Time The season of Hope, Joy, Peace and Reptiles. The summer heat is slowly climbing and now that spring is over we expect many snakes trying to find cooler places to hide. Sometimes that can mean that they find there way inside or into pool skimmer boxes (which you should not remove with your…
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Party Time!

Scale up The Party It seems every week we are at a new venue with our amazing scaly friends sharing our passion for all things reptilian. We have been to a few birthdays this month, a couple of fetes and one gardening club. It has been really rewarding for us seeing people of all ages…
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Caution Snake Crossing Next km

Snake Crossing Ahead We have had more and more calls recently about snakes crossing the road. To be honest, it is great! Someone who calls, is someone who won’t just run them over. That is certainly better than people who think that the only good snake is a dead snake. Snakes die in droves each…
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Cold snake

Cool weather and snakes?

The Autumn of a Snake Catcher You might think that its Autumn, coming into winter, “I won’t need a snake catcher.” This is very wrong! While the snakes are a little bit slower, they are not really slowing down that much. People are still calling their regular snake catcher ‘s at Urban Reptiles. This week…
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