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OSHC Incursion

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Urban Reptiles Snake Catcher

OSHC Incursions

Urban Reptiles OShc programs

Whether its the holidays or during term we cater to out of school hours care groups in South East Queensland to help scale up the fun and education at OSHC. During the term we have several 4 week hands on and extended learning programs for OSHC incursions. When holidays come, our holiday programs are perfect for a great day for all the kids to enjoy some Aussie wildlife. All our OSHC programs are engaging, hands on, educational and safe (we also provide risk assessments). Inquire about our team visiting your OSHC for an incursion.


During Term Programs

In our during term OSHC incursions we visit once a week, each week for four weeks running through an educational program. We can cater to your needs  and change these programs as needed but these pre-set programs are a great hit and specifically designed for OSHC centres during term time. Each session goes for about 45 minutes but for larger groups we can do multiple sessions per day of the program. If you’d like to find out more inquire today! Give us a call or send an email.

A Trip Around Australia

Take a trip around Australia from Cairns to the Kimberleys and back home without leaving the room. We take an imaginary trip around the country meeting real reptiles found in those regions. Kids will learn how various reptiles adapt to different environment and learn about the bigger picture of reptiles around Australia in a fun story telling format.

Category: Reptiles

An introduction to scientific animal classification. A simple program for all ages, that really highlights how different some reptiles can be. Each week we tackle a different group of reptiles and learn all about what makes them special. Kids will learn about the great variety of different reptiles and begin to learn about the reptile family trees. 

Backyard Reptiles

This program is all about reptiles we find in our backyards! Kids learn all about how to best care for our wildlife with a weekly activity all about making our backyards more reptile friendly, like building a frog hotel and more. Each week we see only a few animals but spend more time learning about how to live around these awesome critters. 

The Generalist

Ideal for very large  a OSHC which want to split groups over several weeks (can be less than 4 weeks). We bring a broad selection of reptiles for the kids to meet. They can pat the huge scales of a shingle back or touch the belly of a snake to feel its strong muscles. A fun and great way for kids to learn about some unique Aussie wildlife while also having a blast.

Urban Reptiles Snake Catcher

Holiday OSHC incursions

During the school holidays we run a program for Outside school hours care groups. Its a great way to add a fun day to your holiday program. Kids will get to pat a frilled neck lizard and hold a snake and much more! We bring a selection of about a dozen animals for kids to meet up close. A great holiday OSHC incursion for all ages.

Kristi's Holiday OSHC Incursion Review

"Urban Reptiles does amazing demonstrations! Very informative and hands on. The children loved every minute and was a great experience for them. I highly recommend them!"

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