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Reptile Parties

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Looking for a fun, exciting and hands on reptile Party? We have lots of animals suitable for people of all ages.

Learn from a passionate and knowledgeable team of reptile demonstrators with a large variety of snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs.  

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Fun Hands On experience

We have a range of animals suitable to be handled by children and adults of all ages and experience. They are all different shapes, colours and personalities a making for a fun and exciting wildlife show.

We come to you

We operate as a mobile reptile party, coming to where you are to show the amazing wildlife we have. We bring our mobile reptile zoo to parties and events all over Brisbane and Ipswich.

Educational and informative

Reptiles are so wacky and interesting, our staff have a wealth of knowledge on these animals and love to share it with you. We have a scientific background and are always learning ourselves.

Friendly and passionate

Urban reptiles started from our childlike wonderment at these animals, we understand your interest too! We are licensed and all hold blue cards.

Reptile Parties

from $290

What To Expect

We bring to you a wide range of  reptiles from all different genus and families –  Blue-tongue Lizards, Shingle-back Lizards, Bearded dragons, Frilled-neck Lizards, Frogs, Turtle and various Snakes of different sizes and colours

What Other Options

We offer a broad range of reptile party options for all ages and occasions, call or email us to work out how we can a personalised reptile party!

These parties are priced for 10-15 participants. If more are desired this is fine but may have some additional costs

Our reptile team

We have over 30 party animals and our team is ever growing. Check out our team!

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