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Wild Learning at School

Urban Reptiles Snake Catcher

Wild Learning at School

Get Hands on with your curriculum

Our wildlife educational demonstrations are full of educational and engaging content including topics tailored to the national curriculum. Whether your a class or cohort or a out of hours school care get a hands on and memorable experience with Urban Reptiles.

“Would absolutely recommend”

What an amazing school presentation we had today with these guys! Would absolutely recommend them to any teachers out there!
Graceville State School


Our team are experienced wildlife educators with a strong scientific background. 

Our content is tailored to each relevant year level using the most up to date information and presented in a tangible way for each age group.

We work with teachers to help get the best for their class!

Snake Catcher tree snake

Develop Skills

The Urban Reptiles Team recognise how important to grown in learning skills are.

Our demonstrations help nurture skills like critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and inquisitive learning. 

Engaging learning

Hands on experience are so effective for learning!

The excitement of being able to see and touch the very thing your learning about can not only help keeping everyone’s full attention but it is so helpful in contextualising the content you learn.

Out of Hours school care

"Urban Reptiles does amazing demonstrations! Very informative and hands on. The children loved every minute and was a great experience for them. I highly recommend them!"


Wildlife Education Professionals

With over 21 species of reptile from all over Australia, and our passionate team of  educators why not ask for a quote for your students!

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