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Party Time!

Scale up The Party

It seems every week we are at a new venue with our amazing scaly friends sharing our passion for all things reptilian. We have been to a few birthdays this month, a couple of fetes and one gardening club. It has been really rewarding for us seeing people of all ages overcome fears and grow in appreciating for animals that get such a bad rap. One of our biggest hits is always the cakes! Our resident baker Sandra is a professional caterer and makes awesome and tasty cakes. The image above is a delicious cake of our favourite Jungle Python Kaia. It looked too good to eat, also looked too much like our precious snake Kaia for us to eat.

Reptiles at fete

A Fete Day

Fetes are great! The last few fetes have all been so different but its great to see so many people interested in our native wildlife. Some have had several hundred people come and see our little stall. While fete season is coming to an end we are always prepared for larger events that want a reptilian presence. What ever your event feel free to call us anytime

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