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When it comes to events, our urban reptiles are beautiful examples of Australian wildlife, both in appearances and temperaments.  Whether its a school, fete, party or any event, our reptile team are a great addition to the event. 


Blue Tongue lizard

Merlin is the friendliest blue tongue we know, especially if food is involved.

Blue tongues like Merlin are a common Australian skink. They use their awesome blue tongues to smell and scare off predators.

Jeff and Dorothy

Shingle back Lizard

Jeff and Dorothy love two things, sleeping and eating strawberries!

They are shingle back lizards from the goldfield region in Western Australia. These guys look like they have 2 heads because of their stumpy little tails.


Central Bearded dragon

Saphira looks really spikey and scary but don’t let her fool you, she is a big softy.

 Bearded dragons like Saphira stick out that beautiful, orange beard of spikes to scare off predators. They also flatten out to look like a big spikey pancake.


Frill Neck dragon

Rose is a bit of a sensitive lizard, she is doesn’t like change at all!

That beautiful big frill is one of Australia’s most iconic displays. Frillies like Rose spend almost all of their time in trees and rarely come down. 

Fat Albert

green tree frog

Fat Albert loves only two things in life, crickets and cockroaches! Yuk!

Green tree frogs like Fat Albert have really special skin, they can breathe and drink through their skin. Frogs can even change the colour of their skin.

David Beckham

Short Neck Turtle

David Beckham unlike his name sake is not great at soccer, his claws would puncture the ball.

Turtles like David Backham are freshwater turtles that are great diggers. They love to eat plants, crustaceans and bugs!


Darwin Python

Edison was named cause he is bright like a lightbulb, however, he is by far the silliest snake at Urban Reptiles. He regularly ties himself into knots he cant untangle.

Edison is an albino Darwin python.


JUngle Python

Kaia joined our family as a young jungle python adopted from the RSPCA. 

She loves climbing which makes sense for a ‘jungle’ python. Jungle pythons are found in Northern Qld up in the rain forests.


Diamond python

Jade is another one of our adopted pythons from the RSPCA.

Jade is a 2.6 m python with some of the prettiest colours. Diamond pythons are found in NSW in places like Sydney. 


Bredli Python

Nebs is another adopted python from the RSPCA.

He is a big boy with some pretty stunning oranges and those cool blue eyes. Bredli Pythons like Nebula are found in central Northern territory.


Carpet Python

Bega is our gentle giant! He is awesome carpet python at three meters.

Bega has been apart of our family for over 10 years. Carpet pythons like Bega are really common around Brisbane. They are one of the more impressive animals in Brisbane. 


Black-headed python

Aurie looks dangerous but is just a calm teenage python.

Aurum is a black-headed python so he will grow much bigger than he is now. In the wild these guys love to eat reptiles (even venomous snakes and goannas) so we always need to keep a close eye on him.

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Get ready for some more interesting animals!
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