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Snake Crossing Ahead

We have had more and more calls recently about snakes crossing the road. To be honest, it is great! Someone who calls, is someone who won’t just run them over. That is certainly better than people who think that the only good snake is a dead snake. Snakes die in droves each year on the road, many people swerving to run them over. If a snake is run over, it is not often a quick death. We are regularly told phrases like “it crawled away, so it should be fine.” Its not, its really bad! Reptiles can die a lot slower than other animals. Recently after talking to people from Reptile Rehabilitation Queensland, we found out that snakes that are run over can survive for months. They will live with the pain before finally dying days, weeks and even half a year later. How brutal! If you find a snake that has been run over, or if you have accidentally run over a snake, please call someone immediately! The quicker you call the better, if you call us for a snake that has been injured we will pick it up for free to ensure it gets to the right people or call the Reptile Rehabilitation QLD rescue line directly on 1300 878 903.

Snake Catcher in winter

Be A Snake LolliPop Person

If you do see a snake crossing the road, the best thing to do is just let it be. We get this call out a lot, and really we prefer not to move them. If we come to remove a snake that is just going about its business on the road, we do charge the caller for the service. These snakes live in the area and rarely cause any trouble. So what should you do if your worried about the animals safety? First thing, don’t go near it as it will stop to defend itself from you. This will increase the risk of being run over, but if you do need to stop it from being run over, give the animal the space to cross and advise drivers to let it cross like a lollipop person. Remember it is illegal to interfere with a snake in any way without proper permits.

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