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Coastal Carpet Python

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Coastal Carpet python

Learn more about these gentle giants in the info below. If you have any questions you would like answers about these animals feel free to ask!

About Coastal Carpet Python

General Summary

Species: Morelia spilota mcdowelli

Common Name: Coastal carpet snake

Size: 2.5 m (can be over 3 m)

Habitat: Very adaptable and found all over, especially common around bush land.

Status: Least Concern


Pythons diet changes based on age and size, hatchlings typically eat small lizards, mammals and occasionally birds. As they grown they specialise mostly in mammals like rats and small possums, occasionally birds. Large, adult individuals will eat possums, bats and most medium sized mammals.

Why we Love Them

These guys and girls are the ideal neighbours! They are keep to them selves most of the time, they make little to no noise, they don’t make much mess and better than that, they get rid of all the pests!¬†They eat the possums and bats that make huge amounts of noise and eat all your mangos or pawpaw. Pythons tend to be relatively calm animals, although some individuals can be cranky, generally they ignore humans and just go about their own business. Unless provoked they are rarely bite. These guys are awesome!

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